These are the videos made with the Nikon 1 V1 + 10mm f2.8 lens, I think the videos are the best completion to the photos, because they tell the sounds, the life, the colors, the scenes... everything whitout the power of a single photo but with a lot of beautiful truth


The making of one my best shots from this trip

This video is me when I was capturing this beautiful shot


Inside a Kilis's bar

A typical bar in the city of Kilis during a sunday morning


Driving inside the Kilis bazaar

This man has brought us from a hospital to the center of Kilis (last city before Syria) by car, to give an idea of what is drive in those places, a video is what makes the better idea!


Kilis, the district of Syrian refugees 

Walking in the suburb of Kilis, the last city (3-4km) before Syria.


Talking with the syrian refugees in Kilis

This civilian was injured by shrapnel from a bomb that came from the back, the doctors were able to remove it (as you can see from the scarf) but inside the right arm he still has a shrapnel and he almost lost the use of this arm


The children of Kilis

They have nothing but they're still happy


Walking in the old part of Gaziantep

Gaziantep is a quite big city at about 1 hour of car from Kilis and the Syrian border, is very nice because has a part that is new and turistic and another part that is old and very typical!