Osterie/Frasche Friulane 2016

This is a reportage made in my region, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, in the summer of 2016. The images tell scenes of life within frasche, osterie and small village bars where the people spend their time as there was in the early last century but with a happiness, friendship and a genuine simplicity. Where everyone knows everyone, and even me, as a stranger, I was greeted as if they knew me for years, anyone offered me a 'taglio' (a glass of wine), chatted and especially gave me information about other places to go. Because, although it has evidence of the Frasche already at the time of Carlo Magno, it's very difficult to find them. There aren'twebsites, maps and sometimes even street signals. Only outside you can find a red arrow with a twig to indicate the presence of the frasca. For this I had to travel to remote villages in the mountains or in the countryside and ask for informations to the locals but in the end I think I've found particular and emotional places. 

The intent of the reportage is not to give a "journalistic style" of these places but my poetic and dreamy vision, in order to narrate and preserve a memory of these beautiful places.