Yazidi Genocide

This is a gallery of my reportage about the yazidi genocide perpetrated by ISIS from 2014, when about 4,400 yadizis where killed by ISIS and 10,800 injured or kidnapped. The genoicide happend in the Northen Iraq, in the Sinjar province. When the ISIS entered in the province of Sinjar, in the August 2014, about 50,000 yazidis escaped from the death taking refuge on the mount Sinjar above the city. They defended their family with weapons for months, from above the mount, but the ISIS had surrounded the mount and the impossibility to receive food and water killed thousands of yazidi in the Mount Sinjar. 

These images show how the yazidis people are forced to live from 2014 until now, in the mount Sinjar and the refugees camp. Because their house were destroyed by ISIS and during the fights against it from the Iraqi and Kurdish militaries and they don’t have the money to rebuild them. 

For more info read the Wikipedia page: Sinjar massacre and Genocide of Yazidis by ISIL.

The ‘making of’ videos of these photos are available here: Yazidi Genocide ‘making of’ videos. They are captured with a Polaroid Cube+ videocamera above my Leica Q.

The photos of the Yazidi Cejna Cemaiya religious rite are available here: Yazidi Cejna Cemaiya. The street photos of my Iraqi reportage are available here: Iraq 2018 - Street photos. And other photos made with the iPhone to document the trip are available here: Iraq 2018 trip reportage